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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other: Let your zodiac sign guide you

If the Cupid has struck already, but you are not sure how to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, worry not, because we have you covered. Valentine’s Day celebrations may happen differently for different people, but Avriti Kulshreshtha, a tarot card reader and the founder of Soulful_Thetarotlady, has some really important messages and tips for how can make it extra special for yourself and your partner. Take a look below.

This Valentine’s Day, Leo will make a grand gesture for their loved ones. (Photo: Pixabay)


You and your partner will be spending quality time by heading out. Since you are a cardinal fire sign, you’re all about making grand plans, a romantic date or trip with your partner can be expected.


Ruled by the plant of love and beauty, Venus, expect this Valentine’s day to be filled with romantic endeavours such as a cosy candlelight dinner accompanied by your favourite dessert. You are bound to have a great time with your partner, so go all out and enjoy the day of love!


Since you are ruled by the planet of communication, you can expect a new love relationship this Valentine’s Day. As per the cards, your new love interest will be from work! Pay attention to the signs from your angels. With hectic week around, take some time out for yourself and do not forget to express your feeling for your newfound love on this day.


As a water sign, you are an extremely sensitive person and this trait can help you in making a heartwarming impression on your partner. Spend some time together by cooking a meal and expressing your love to each other. Plan a thoughtful gesture for your partner and make them feel special!


You are a sign which is ruled by the sun. Thus, inherently you are someone who is outspoken and spontaneous. You might plan a grand gesture of love and affection. Whichever way you choose to express your love, your partner will be totally smitten by you!


Virgos are born romantic, but today you will receive a piece of pleasant news from your partner. Lover’s energy will surround you on this day and your partner may travel a distance to surprise you.


While you could be on flight travelling overseas for an official assignment, an arrogant male may give you a hard time on this day! Do not let it get it to you and instead put in extra efforts and use technology to make it up to your lover with some extra attention.


This Valentine’s Day can be a little stressful for both singles and committed. Try to resolve issues between you and your partner as a situation shows justice in your favour, and revive the beautiful relationship by spending time with each other on a beach. The ones who are single, might move on from broken relationships and get ready to date someone new.


You will receive both gifts and attention from your lover today. You will also share a good time with your friends as well. Financially, blocked money can outflow all of a sudden. Do not forget to wear green or purple in order to get special attention from your partner.


It will be a smooth day for you, as you will feel self-sufficient and abundant. An overseas trip can be expected for travel freaks! But, on this day of love, you will find yourself focusing on no one but yourself.


Aquarians, you can expect to hear good news as far as love life is concerned. If you are waiting for an answer from someone, then you will definitely hear from them on this Valentine’s Day! Stay grounded as your impulsive nature may spoil the situation.


Stop fighting with your partner! Make use of this the day and resolve your issues and struggles to have a peaceful relationship. Stop overthinking and take some action. Give your special someone a surprise by changing the situation between you two.

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