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Jill Biden’s Inauguration Day corsage was a part of romantic tradition started by husband Joe

Everything that the US First Lady Jill Biden wore to the Inauguration ceremony last month symbolised something. While for the morning swearing-in she was in a blue custom-made tweed coat styled with a dress by designer Alexandra O’Neill, in the evening, she chose to wear a white dress paired with a tweed coat of the same colour. But, it was the corsage on her wrist that really stood out that day.

According to a report in Insider, the first lady’s dress and matching coat were designed by Gabriela Hearst, and the embroidered flowers represented each US state and territory. And the white corsage that she wore on the day, is believed to have been a gift from the president.

In a recent interview with People magazine, the first lady shared that the corsage was a surprise gift from her husband, and part of a longstanding tradition the two started on Valentine’s Day many years ago.

“I love gardenias and so Joe would buy me a wrist corsage of gardenias. I wore it to school to teach! It’s just a tradition. He surprised me with it,” she said, adding: “I was surprised that people actually saw it on my wrist. I guess with a zoom lens you see everything.”

On his part, Joe Biden said: “I think it’s important, and Jill does the same thing, to let each other know no matter how much time has gone by.”

In the interview, which was also their first after taking office, the couple discussed their marriage, and how living in the White House has been “surreal”. “It’s surreal… but it’s comfortable. We were here for eight years, just not in this part of the residence,” the president said.

The couple shared that throughout their 43-year marriage, they have supported each other. “I think we each could’ve done our jobs without the other, but not as well as we do them,” the president said, adding that he was glad Jill has continued working as a teacher.

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