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Send Love to Your Dear Ones With These Amazing And Easy Gifting Techniques

Christmas 2020: The pandemic has undoubtedly affected our lives and changed the way we work, shop, spend leisure time and see friends and extended family, but let’s not give up hope on enjoying this wonderful time of the year -the holiday period. Merry and cozy vibes are everywhere around this time when we’re ready to welcome the upcoming year. Even though we’re away from our loved ones for so long in these tough times, we can always cheer each other up and show our love by exchanging gifts. Also Read – Merry Christmas 2020: 10 Greatest Christmas Carols Of All Time

We’ve got you covered with that so that you don’t have to rack your brains, with a list of extra-special yet affordable gifts you can send that won’t burn a hole in your pocket: Also Read – Merry Christmas 2020: Whatsapp Messages, Quotes, And Wishes to Share on Xmas With Your Family And Friends

Scented Candles & Diffusers Also Read – Merry Christmas 2020 Date: Why Christmas is Celebrated on December 25? Know Here

Picture credit: IndiaMart

Light up their lives and fill their homes with a festive Christmas fragrance with scented candles and diffusers which are universally appreciated as a gift. You can buy them at affordable prices in nearby stores or online easily in different fragrances and types. You can also send along a bottle of wine or bath bombs and salts for them to take a break from the pandemic and help them sleep better or meditate during these stressful times.

Homemade cookies

Your friends living away from home? Cheer them up with homemade cookies this festive season by decorating and wrapping them beautifully. It’s counted as a beautiful gesture as it’s something special and intimate.

Skincare Kit 

Picture credit: Everything Mom Made

As we reflect and relax upon the year gone by, nothing is better than treating your loved ones with homemade skin and hair care. Many people living away from their homes crave the essence of that homely, mommy touch in their products and food. Others might be wanting to do away with brands that include chemicals and additives and go for organic and natural products. In this case, you can choose from the range of Everything Mom Made’s Skincare products which are pocket and skin-friendly.

DIY Greeting Cards and Letters

Picture credit: Faber Castell USA

We all loved writing and getting letters back in the days when we were young, right? Why not go for the same old school ideas and make greetings for them or write letters now? They’ll even feel special with the efforts you’ll make. Paint the cards with Faber Castell’s Creative Studio watercolours, make doodles, try some craft, and just send it to them.


Picture credit: Ferns & Petals

Source: Ferns and Petals

If your dear one enjoys gardening or loves nature and greenery and can take responsibility in the long run, choosing plants as a gift would be a great option. You can now get plants and seeds delivered to your doorstep. They not only help clean the air in your space, but they help provide a relaxing atmosphere, whether at work or home. You can go for succulents, lucky bamboo, lavender, or a money plant. Get it delivered at their place and surprise them.


For a person who loves books, there’s nothing better than gifting them a book with a little message. They’ll definitely love it and it’ll always remind them of you. You can send along a big packet of coffee or a scented candle to set the mood. Just get an idea of the genre they prefer, buy from any e-commerce site, and deliver it to them.

Gift Card

Haven’t got much time in hand to buy a gift or get it delivered on time? From watches to shoes and jewellery, you can find anything on Amazon. A gift card is the best option for anyone – a baby to your mom. Simply choose an item and eGift it, including the amount and a personal message. They can choose to redeem the gift card towards the item you selected, or pick from millions of other items on Amazon.

Recycled Paper Pencils

Sustainability is the need of the hour and what can be better than giving a thought to plant for the same? Pencils make excellent gifts, especially when they’re eco-friendly and sustainable. They’re good for all ages and have multiple uses from doodling to writing to decorating to planting. Faber Castell’s Recycled Paper Pencils are an economical option wherein a pack of 8 pencils, 2 of them come with water-soluble seeds which can be planted. Priced at Rs. 90, they are available in nearby stores or the favorite e-commerce platforms.

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