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Sport Insurance – Get The Right Cover

Sport Insurance can be difficult for people to arrange because insurance companies view sport in different categories and there are different aspects of insurance that you need to consider.  Professional or competitive sports and high risk extreme activities are also often excluded from standard travel insurance policies. Most leisure travel insurances will not cover anything competitive apart from racing on foot.

The main sport insurance categories are amateur, semi-professional, professional, sports team or club/association. Within these categories, and depending on your type of sport and/or travel being undertaken, you may require insurance for accident and injury, equipment, and standard travel insurance for flights and baggage etc.

At Health and Travel we have a lot of experience with organising insurance cover for sports teams and individuals who are competing at all levels, all over the globe.  We also have access to underwriters who may be willing to review different sports on a case by case basis, depending on the type of sport and the nature of the competition.  As a quick example, we have just been able to source cover for a competitive Hang Gliding event for NZ athletes travelling to Australia.  Our underwriters have confirmed that if this event goes well, then the likelihood of arranging similar cover in the future is increased.

To give you an idea of the range of sport we arrange insurance for, here are some from the last 12 months:

  • Horse riders competing in international horse treks & competitions
  • Nitro Circus  – BMX
  • Professional mountain bike riders competing in world series
  • Roller Derby team competing overseas
  • Extreme sport athletes
  • Motorbike Touring
  • Tumbling/Cheerleading, etc

These are just some of the sports we have arranged cover for and it gives you an idea of just how diverse our experience is with sports insurance.  As you can see from the list, even motorbike touring requires special insurance cover!

If you need to compete overseas with your sport, or are participating in an international sports event, call us at Health & Travel Insurance Brokers.  We can tailor a sports insurance package to meet the needs of most athletes as well as any international requirements for events and competitions.

So, talk to us today and we will make sure you have the right cover.