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Sunday zodiac: Here’s what different signs need to do to make Valentine’s Week special

We all look forward to spending time with our loved ones in the weekend. Since Valentine’s Week is here, make the best of this Sunday with some much-needed relationship advice to strengthen your bond with your loved one, as per your zodiac sign.

Anantikaa R Vig, a certified tarot reader and numerologist, has some suggestions.


Positive self-talk will help you to clear the clutter in your mind and will help you navigate through your current situation, which may range from lack of patience to frustration that could lead to arguments. Meditation will help bring more patience in you. Keep yourself hydrated.

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It’s important to think and feel from your heart as most of the times you are practical. Make your partner feel special by expressing your feelings to them. Taureans tend to cling to their past a lot more than they should. Living in the past can only hurt, so release the baggage and give and accept love.

Wear Unakite and Rhodochrosite.
Your lucky colours: Green, Pink and White Crystal


Geminis are social butterflies and an open book. You need to stay grounded and stop yourself from getting influenced by others. There are chances of your partner being insecure so make sure you stay loyal and express your love.

Wear Green Aventurine and Smoky Quartz Crystal
Your lucky colours: Light yellow, green, pink and white


Cancer, you seem to be excessively emotional when it comes to a relationship. Keeping your emotions hidden and not expressing your feelings to your partner will create assumptions that would lead to overthinking and unhealthy energies. It’s important to tell your mind that you don’t have to get affected because of other’s perception.

Wear Moonstone and Rhodonite Crystal
Your lucky colours: White, Grey, Silver and Green


It is all right to expect attention but it is also important to give rather than just take. You need to be less self-centred and shower love to your partner. Take a break from your hectic schedule and plan a special dinner or romantic getaway to make your partner feel special.

Wear Amethyst and Rose Quartz Crystal
Your lucky colours: Gold, purple or orange

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Stop looking for perfection. Give your partner a break or rather plan a short trip and re-energise yourselves to bring back the love and understanding.

Wear Green Aventurine and Amethyst Crystal
Your lucky colours: Blue, green and light yellow


You often take too much time in making a commitment in a relationship which makes your partner feel anxious and lose trust. You definitely know how to please your partner or attract them. You need to stop thinking and start taking action. Express love to your partner and make your relationship strong.

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Your lucky colours: White and Light blue


Scorpios are loving partners. They are full of confidence but at times it looks like arrogance. You need to give your partner freedom and chance to live with no restrictions. You need to balance your relationship with love, space, care and understanding.

Wear Rhodochrosite and Smoky Quartz Crystal
Your lucky colours: White and red


You need to stay grounded; loyalty can only save your relationship. Being truthful is the key to any good, strong relationship. Do what you commit. Bring love in your relationship. Plan a romantic date with your partner and express your feelings.

Wear Green Aventurine and Smoky Quartz Crystal
Your lucky colours: Dark yellow, orange and blue


It’s good to be workaholic, but you need to balance your personal and professional life. Partners need not be worried because they take commitment seriously and are loyal.

Wear Moonstone and Rhodochrosite Crystal
Your lucky colours: Black or purple


You need to respect your partner’s viewpoint. Embrace your relationship and plan a short trip to bring back the love. The best is yet to come. You will see impossible things becoming possible.

Wear Green Aventurine and Amethyst Crystal
Your lucky colours: Light blue and purple


You need to stop being too emotional and balance your personal and professional life. Time to have a long-term commitment discussion with your partner. Trust your intuition. You don’t need to always self-sacrifice for the ones you love. You need to have a clear and serious communication to release overthinking.

Wear Rose Quartz and Moonstone Crystal
Your lucky colours: Yellow and orange

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