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The Festival of Colours Is Not Complete Without These Fun Characters You Will Find at Every Holi Party!


Holi Party (Photo Credits: flicker.com)

Nothing brings the vibrancy and diversity of India, quite like the festival of Holi. It is that one day where adults and children alike come out to smear colours on each other and play Holi to their heart’s content. Come Holi, and we are all ready with a list of the most happening Holi parties in the town. And no matter which party you attend, you will invariably run into one of these unique characters. How many of these genuinely interesting characters have you met?


1. The Terminator

At every Holi party, you will find this one guy with this massive bazooka with a five-litre capacity. He might make you think of the terminator, but this person will paint the area with red, blue and green with his ammunition. Holi 2020 Dates: Mythology, Significance And Celebrations Related to Holika Dahan And Dhulandi. 

2. The Sniper

The sniper will attack you with pichkaris and water balloons without even you realising that you are hit. This often comes as a surprise from the terrace or the balcony. Water Holi anyone?

3. The Egg Breaker

You will find the egg man in almost all Holi parties. He’s the one who breaks eggs on your head and at every other random person. This guy gets real messy with his super-weapon, eggs.

4. The Suprise Attacker

Nobody knows what this person will come armed with for Holi. He will make a wild card entry in the Holi party and attack you with anything from ink to ripe tomatoes. For him, everything is fair in Holi. Holi 2020 Skincare Tips: How to Prevent the Colours from Irritating Your Skin? Everything You Need to Know. 

5. The Shielder

These are the people who will probably do anything to prevent themselves from getting sprayed by colour. Don’t be surprised if you find them hiding behind the bushes in the garden. They can even push you in the middle to save themselves.


6. The Colour Lover

This is the guy who will get all the Holi colours spread in their body and keep coming back for more. No matter how many water balloons have been emptied on them, they bear the brunt of most Holi attacks.

7. The Kamikazes

These are the people who pour coloured water on themselves and smear their faces with colour. This is a genius trick actually to reduce the chances of getting attacked by colours. Holi 2020 Interesting Facts: Things About The Indian Festival of Colours That You Didn’t Know Of. 

In the end, there will be this one guy who will never show up at any Holi party. Even if you try to drag him out of his house, he will have an excuse up his sleeves. Do you know of anyone like that?

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